Who We Are

We are figuring out how to become revolutionary socialists, not hyper-Democrats or ultra-left sectarians. Our aim is to be students of Marxism and to create a healthy, democratic, and disciplined group capable of becoming a genuine Marxist pull of attraction to young people disillusioned with the US Left's tendency to give continual support to the horrendous Democratic Party. Because we are focused on program first, we have little care for titles or labels. Some come to our group with the self-prescribed label of some sort of "Marxist-Leninist," "Maoist," "Trotskyist," "De Leonist," and many other "ists," but we give little thought to self-prescribed labels and demand to hear where exactly one stands regarding policy and program. With so many views and lively discussions in our group, we have learned that what binds us together is our program. We take special care to discuss and debate any amendments to our program and operate in a strictly democratic fashion. Once a vote is taken, we follow through, but internally complete freedom of discussion is what gives our group life. We are trying to set up the foundations of the future organization we want in the United States, and we hope other groups and individuals that find agreement with our rules and program reach out to discuss how greater unity can come between us in our struggle towards a Red Republic.

The Rules of Our Organization

  1. A member of this organization is one who accepts the organization's program, supports the organization financially if able, and personally joins and continuously participates in the organization
    • A member of this organization holds the right to internally challenge decisions of higher bodies, internally call for a popular initiative to override the decisions of a higher body, and internally organize against or for positions within the group.
  2. All directing bodies of the organization, from top to bottom, are to be elected and be recallable by popular vote of the general membership.
  3. The decisions of higher bodies shall be absolutely binding on all members, unless a popular initiative is to override these decisions.
  4. The decisions of the general body shall be absolutely binding on leadership and on all members, unless a popular initiative is to override these decisions at a later date.
  5. The organization shall run on the motto of “diversity in discussion, but unity in action,” and in strict adherence to, and the practice of, popular majority vote.
  6. All organizational bodies must give periodical accounts of their activities to leadership, and leadership to general membership.
  7. The annually elected Central Committee is to be directly responsible for directing the work of the organization, the day-to-day administration of the organization, committee organization, the implementation of political tasks and assignments to the general membership, and the enforcement of the decisions made by the general membership.
  8. Members of the organization have a right to observe the meetings of all the directing bodies of the organization, except when the Central Committee rules security absolutely and justifiably necessary; a report and minutes are still needed for the general membership.
  9. The organization's official publications is to be the collective thought of the organization, is to only publicly promote positions of the organization, and is to be under the control and supervision of the Central Committee and the general membership.
  10. The rules and program of our organization may be amended by a sixty percent (60%) popular vote of the general membership.

Apply Today!

When applying to join, consider the following:

A member is someone who not only agrees with our rules and our program, but is also willing to put in the time to be an active member of the organization, which means being involved in committees and regularly attending meetings.

A supporter is someone who, while supporting our program, cannot commit themselves to active participation within the organization. Supporters are people who we want to be able to count on for support which may take the form of spreading our newspaper to friends and comrades, or even giving us your vote or signature within the DSA as we fight for a class line at the DSA convention in 2023. Supporters also receive our newsletter and other updates about the organization.

Note: all fields are required.

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